Higher-Edge launched in
1997 to facilitate worldwide
student movement.

We developed our team upon four cornerstones:
a passion for giving good advice to young people,
integrity, cross-cultural awareness, and professional competency.

We span an extraordinary variety of languages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

We evince our global spirit through leadership positions in Transparency International and the International Rugby union.

We represent a gamut of academic backgrounds from
international relations to business, from Latin, to computer
science, from
translation to communication studies. Many of us
have studied in one or more countries outside our own. We have studied everywhere from Renmin in Beijing to Nottingham in Kuala Lumpur, from Toronto Law School to Columbia Journalism School.

The Higher-Edge Kaleidoscope relies upon sophisticated observers making sense of the dizzying collision of forces that affect our clients’ interests: that’s Who We Are.

Mel Broitman
Chief Operations Officer,

M. Sc. Columbia School of Journalism

Mission: For institutions, more diligence.
For students: Better counselling, more access.

We found Yemi through diligence and her stellar reputation. A prestigious Lagos law firm, an international African women’s NGO and diplomatic missions all put her tops.

Jorge GarretónManager, Santiago

We’ve hired dozens
of interns worldwide!
We’re especially
popular in France
which has sent us
“stagiaires” for years.

Yemi MakanjuolaManager, Lagos
Farhana AliAsst Manager, Bangladesh
Suhaila RuhomutallyManager, Port Louis
Shafkat ChowdhuryManager, Dhaka

Co-founder Mel Broitman has lived in New York City, Toronto, Kathmandu, Dubai and Phuket.

Funke AdeyemiManager, Abuja
Anusuya BoseManager, New Delhi

We’re multilingual, yes, but our Islamabad manager, Ms. Firdous Sait stands out: English, Hindi, Tamil and now studying Arabic!

Rueben LifukaManager, Lusaka
Dani Zaretsky
Chief Ideas Officer,

Juris Doctor University of Toronto School of Law

Mission: Global matchmaking for students, faculty, institutions, NGOs and governments.

Firdous SaitManager, Dubai

We’re a team and a mobile one at that. Whether it’s Mahsa heading to Shiraz, or Rosi to Rio. Our strategizing for clients spans many languages and countries.

April WangManager, China

Master of Management, Renmin University, Beijing

Mission: Open study abroad doors for Chinese, and
Open Chinese doors to youth from around the world

Higher Edge Who We Are Tag Cloud
Rubeena HoodbhoyManager, Pakistan

We travel for fun too!

Rueben in Germany
Mahsa in Cyprus
Lisa in Turkey
Gifty in South Africa

That’s just recently!

Mahsa SolhiManager, Tehran

Co-founder Dani Zaretsky was one of the fortunate few to enter China in the first few months after it opened its doors to independent travellers a few decades ago.

Anjali Anand SethManager, Gurgaon
Director, Client Services, Toronto

Our personal interests?

East Asian film
International Rugby
Human Rights

Julie KamarashavuSr. Communications Coordinator, Toronto
Manager, Accra