Presence was our paramount and first lesson,
but how to implement it?

Presence means as much contact time on the ground as possible.

Our Hub-and-Spoke system serves within populous countries as well as in projecting regional reach.

So our São Paulo staff travels to Curitiba and Brasilia and across vast Brazil, our Dubai staff to Doha, or Riyadh and throughout the Gulf.

Presence, through our key hubs means we nurture robust relationships with vital counterparts.

We stay savvy with regards to trending preferences for destinations, programs, careers, marketing twists, new media, competitive forces,
socioeconomic factors
and a panoply of other currents that keep the Higher-Edge Kaleidoscope rotating constantly.

Dubai to Shanghai, that’s WHERE WE ARE.

Beijing, China
Dubai, UAE

Dani Zaretsky has presented to students in some 15 Nigerian cities.

Lagos, Nigeria
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Delhi, India.

Our office is next to the Metro.

From Tokyo to Dubai? There are very few countries across Asia that we haven’t visited and covered in our work.

Port Louis, Mauritius
Higher-Edge Offices Worldwide

The first ever Higher-Edge office? Dhaka, 1997!

Mel Broitman has travelled to India over 100 times.

Lusaka, Zambia

We were an original tenant in Dubai’s Knowledge Village nearly 10 years ago, we’re still there!

Toronto, Canada
Lahore, Pakistan
Gurgaon, India